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CV Merapi is manufacturer of gray cast iron products for OEM, Sun Rise Burner, Sun Rise Cast Ironware, Merapi Pipeline Product, and other special design products


Gray cast iron foundry, established since 1995

CV Merapi was established in Boja in 1995. At the beginning of Merapi's CV operations, there were no more than 80 employees and were only able to produce 50 tons per month. Armed with hard work, maintaining quality and good management, we are able to compete with other competitors and have a big name in the market, and until now we have continued to experience rapid growth. At present, CV Merapi has more than 350 workers with a capability of 500 tons per month.

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CV Merapi product and what we do


CV Merapi is a manufacturer of gray iron casting product. We are SUNRISE brand producer, whose products include cast iron gas stoves, as well as ironware such as sizzling plates and cast iron pans.

In addition, we also produce pipeline products such as clamp saddle, gibault joint, surface box, etc. under Merapi brand. We also manufacture OEM gray cast iron products, according to customer standards, designs or requests.

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CV Merapi always strives to be a manufacturer of gray iron castings with competitive quality, environmentally friendly, and innovative products. To achieve this, CV Merapi is supported by professional personnel who have competence and experience in controlling all processes and product realization, and always strive to develop and produce quality, environmentally friendly, and innovative products.

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CV Merapi is a gray cast iron foundry factory located in Kendal, near the capital of Central Java, about 400 km from Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. Equipped with more advanced technology and automatic machines, CV Merapi have the capacity of 500 tons monthly for gray cast iron products. With high quality products and excellent service, CV Merapi is ready to offer competitive price and reliable delivery lead time.


CV Merapi produces cast iron gas stoves and ironware such as pans and sizzling plates under the SUNRISE brand. We also produce pipeline products, and cylinder liner with the brand MERAPI. We also manufacture OEM, and custom gray cast iron products according to customer standards, designs or requests.

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ISO 9001:2015

Quality Management System

CV Merapi is certified ISO 9001:2015 company, that ensure us to maintain and increase quality and business strategy company.

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Company Profile

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