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How To Clean Cast Iron Cookingware and Serveware To Make It Durable & Long Lasting

Currently there are various cooking utensils that are sold to meet the needs of its users. One of them is a cooking utensil made of cast iron cookingware and serveware.

This cast iron cooking utensil does have several advantages, namely it can retain heat longer and tends to be more durable than other utensils. However, to maintain the durability of cast iron cookware, of course, requires extra effort and care to avoid damage.

One of the important things that need to be applied in its maintenance is that you must always make sure the equipment is perfectly dry before storing it. This aims to keep the cookware free from rust and facilitate cleaning after cooking. Not only that, here are some other cleaning methods that need to be applied so that the cooking utensils are durable and can be used for a long time.

1. Wash and dry

Just like other cooking utensils, cast iron also needs to be cleaned with soap and gently scrubbed until clean. Reported by the New York Times, to clean and rinse it you are advised to use hot water so that dirt can be lifted more easily.

After rinsing thoroughly, also make sure your cookware is well dry and free of moisture to prevent rusting of the utensils. To be more sure, you can put this cookware back on the stove or oven at a temperature of 100 to 150 degrees Celsius to make sure there is no more water left.

2. Add salt if it's hard to clean

The most annoying thing when cleaning kitchen utensils is stubborn dirt that is difficult to remove. To fix this, add cup of table salt and a few drops of warm water, then place it on a hot cast-iron utensil.

After the dirt has been removed, do the first step to make sure your cookware is completely dry so it doesn't rust.

3. Use a sponge to clean the rust

One easy way to clean cast iron from rust is to use the rough side of a sponge and scrub it gently. Avoid scrubbing too hard and if you have trouble cleaning it, it is recommended to use a cleanser made of silicone rubber. You can also add a little water and a few drops of dish soap to make cleaning easier.

However, if the rust covers all the parts, you can remove the rust by soaking the cookware in an equal amount of vinegar and water. Try letting it sit for 1 hour and see the changes.

If rust remains, place it back in the water and vinegar bath, but don't let it sit for a full day as this will only make the cast iron cookware worse.

4. Apply Vegetable Oil

People usually clean the utensils to be free from dirt and oil, but this is different with cooking utensils made of cast iron. After drying it, you need to apply a little vegetable oil so that the cookware looks more shiny.

In Your Tango, Seamus Mullen, a chef at New York's Institute of Culinary Education, suggests placing greased cooking utensils in the oven for 1 hour. After removing it, first dry the excess oil on the cooking utensils using a tissue, then store it.

So, don't make the mistake of taking care of the cooking utensils, okay? Make sure you use the proper cleaning techniques for each type of cookware you have.


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