Through more than 30 years of business, we have served in a broad range of industry and household products. CV Merapi produces cast iron gas stoves and ironware such as pans and sizzling plates under the SUN RISE brand. We also produce pipeline products, and cylinder liner with the brand MERAPI. We also manufacture OEM, and custom gray cast iron products according to customer standards, designs or requests.

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Sun Rise Burner

The Sun Rise stove is our flagship product line. Being one of the leading brands in commercial gas burner, the Sun Rise burner has become the consumer's favorite cast iron stove. There are various types of low and high pressure burner with various shapes and sizes that are suitable for small businesses to large restaurants.

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Sun Rise Ironware

Sun Rise Cast Iron Cookware and Serveware is another our flagship product line. There are various types of sizzling-plates, hot-pots, grills, pans, and more with varying sizes and shapes. Our products have been coated with a seasoning layer, a natural coating made from a layer of heated cooking oil, giving it a glossy black color and very safe for cooking.

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Merapi Pipeline Products

Merapi Cast Iron Pipeline Products is the solution for your piping project. There are many products such as Clamp Saddle, Gibault Joint, Surface Box, Manhole Cover, Handle Wheel, Manual Water Pump, and many more in this product line.

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Merapi Cylinder Liner

CV Merapi also produces Cylinder Liners with various sizes, ranging from small sizes for motorcycles to large sizes for large vehicle engines. Excellent CNC equipment and quality control ensure precise cylinder liner sizes. We can also produce cylinder liners according to the size you ordered. Contact us for more information.

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Merapi Resin Coated Sand (RCS)

We produce our own Resin Coated Sand so that the material to make Sand Core can be adjusted to the desired specifications. We also supply it for other foundry. Contact us for more information.

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OEM Products

We are also an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). We can manufacture gray cast iron products according to the specifications that customers want. In addition, we also offer machined and coated for that gray cast iron products. Contact us for more information.